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Kauai Air Tours* - Flight School Hawaii.  Kauai By air offers unique bucket list experiences and flight instruction in powered aircraft. You ARE the Pilot in Hawaii and on Kauai Hawaii.  This is an exciting alternative to helicopter tours or airplane tours on Kauai. At Kauai Air Tours* - Flight School Hawaii, flights may also be arranged for select airports on Oahu, Maui, Molokai, Lanai and Hawaii's Big Island. Often you can even include several islands together on the same flight. See Hawaii by Air - be a pilot for a day while flying playfully around Hawaii's amazing, breathtaking scenery. Flight instruction training can be logged toward a pilot license if you want one. Repeat the "Pilot For a Day" experience a few more times and you'll have your pilot license to fly an Airplane.  At Kauai Air Tours* - Flight School Kauai, learning to fly airplanes is our specialty. Our customers enjoy a professional experience in several choices of airplanes, and  air tours* can be arranged as well. Anyone can try it. The experience is spectacular. Your professional flight instructor will put you at ease and you'll feel free as a bird as you soar among them. No prior experience is necessary. Call for details.  Kauai By Air is Kauai's premier Hawaii flight school for learning to fly Airplanes. Discover more of yourself as you connect with nature and learn a new skill – free-form, hands-on flying - that many have dreamed of their entire lives. Unleash the excitement as you glide like an uncaged bird across impressive waterfalls, magical mountain peaks, “Jurassic” jungles, beautiful beaches and stunning views of the most breathtaking landscape in the world. Break free and FLY like you've always wanted to do in a Cessna, a Piper, or a state-of-the-art glass cockpit airplane…and get your bird on!  Whether you're looking for an air tour* around Kauai, or flight instruction in Hawaii, Kauai Air Tours* - Flight School Hawaii is ready to help you fly.  Call 808-212-7243 for info.
*Air tours provided by select 91 and 135 operators.